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everquestnextguides | We are Hiring!

As Albion Online keeps growing, we are always on the lookout for talented people to strengthen the team and improve our game even more. Join us and make your mark in Albion! For example, we are currently looking for a Twitch Host to build our

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New Royal Continent Layout –

As we started reworking the Outlands, we decided to take the opportunity of the upcoming wipe to also redesign the Royal Isles. We quickly realized we could make a series of significant improvements with relatively little effort on our end, and create a far better

Let’s Talk EverQuest Next: Combat Ep2

In this episode ‘Let’s Talk EverQuest Next’ we will be looking at the combat as in it’s current state in Landmark and how the base system could be improved for their implementation in EverQuest Next. What MMO companies need to stop practicing is the separation

The making of EQ with by getting into EQN

I can see this as a good thing. But recently I’ve read a post from someone that claims to be a “soe insider” I know, this might sound strange, but they said that EQN didnt look promising for Soe. But that makes me confused because,

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Alpha Preview: 0.3.5 Hotfix #3 on everquestnextguides

Hotfix #3 is currently live on the Test Server and will be released to Shards of Aria later on today. Lower limits appliedĀ to gains on all crafting skills. You may no longer gain by crafting items sufficiently below your skill level. Mage hat is now

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everquestnextguides | October Community Roundtable – Alpha

Catch up on this October’s Community Roundtable: Topics covered in this months roundtable include: What We’re Working On Repair/Salvage UI Enhancement Secure Trading Death System House Containers Optimizations Website Revamp Expansion R/D Combat Balance Fixes What’s Coming Controls Revamp Announcement board / notes / mailbox