EverQuest Next Landmark Ultimate Beginners Guide

Stylosa guides you though the first baby steps you’ll need to take when playing EverQuest Next Landmark for the first time. He’ll cover basic crafting, gathering, claims and construction! This is the Ultimate EverQuest Next Landmark Beginners Guide! I bought a cabin in the woods

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Escape From Tarkov Alpha Launch on everquestnextguides

Battlestate Games today announced the Alpha release of Escape from Tarkov, the upcoming hybrid of MMORPG-esque progression with FPS mechanics and open-world survival exploration. The new Extended Alpha testing phase is a more advanced stage as the previous testing phases with a number of new

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Serath Joins The Paragon Battlefield on everquestnextguides

Epic Games today released an exciting new video offering insight to the upcoming addition to the already impressive roster of heroes in Paragon – the AAA MOBA experience available on console and PC. The new character comes in the form of Serath, a new melee

Palm Heart Everquest Next Landmark

Palm Heart is a type of wood you harvest from a particular type of tree in Everquest Next Landmark. In this video Pitstop Head shows you where to find it, how to harvest it and what it is used for. Palm Heart wood is a